About us



CyP Brands is a recognized producer of licensed products. We analyze market trends to offer our customers a wide range of products featuring the most important brands of the moment. We are a serious, reliable, and professional supplier.

Among our priorities is always the development of innovative products with their own personality. Our international profile gives us constant update insights about  improvement  production system, market, and global trends, which allows us to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the market.

We are a flexible company, with a wide catalogue. We are able to manage a wide array of projects, adapting and contributing to the ideas and aspirations of our clients, achieving a dynamic, energetic, and effective work environment.



CyP Brands was founded in 1992, after years of experience in the toy and gift sector, thanks to the work of  Aurelio Cerezo and Rosa Poblet, always supported by their partner Eduardo Pérez.

After years of hard work, the second generation is running the Company, promoting its growth and its  national and international projection, bringing a new and innovative perspective to the licensed products, thus expanding the CyP family, also formed by its employees and clients who are fundamental to the Company success.

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We work hard to bring our products all around the world
  • 2003 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine: Best entertainment property licensee

  • 2004 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine : Best brand licensee.

  • 2005 Q2 – Warner Bros : Best Looney Tunes licensee.

  • 2005 Q4 – Warner Bros : Best Looney Tunes Licensee

  • 2009 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine : Best Sports Brand Licensee.

  • 2013 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine: Best Entertainment Property Licensee

  • 2016 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine : Best Digital Property Licensee

  • 2019 – Licencias Actualidad Magazine  : Best art and design licensee