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New Pokémon Gotta catch ’em all collection!

New Pokémon Gotta catch ’em all collection!


All items of the new collection are manufactured with ultra-resistant 600D polyester to offer a highly durable assortment of products, all of them targeted at youth audience.

The collection has a modern and fun design that combine with different styles.

And it has decoration details that glow in the dark!

In addition, we have developed all the products providing them with the best features, such as quality zippers, interior or lateral pockets, adaptable handles, or padded reinforcement on the backside.

Composed of backpacks, pencil cases, toiletry bag, laptop case and wallet Gotta catch ’em all! is the perfect collection for all Pokémon fans.

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April 22nd is Planet Earth Day

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Jurassic World Dominion will be released on June 10 th, 2022

The Jurassic World saga will close with an ending that promises to be apocalyptic and bring back some classic aspects of the 90s, honoring Steven Spielberg’s first film. In the film, which will mark the end of the Jurassic Era, we will appear the leading actors of Jurassic Park Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum or Laura …

Discover our new Bagoose Animals Backpacks

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We are a company founded in 1992 since then, we are one of the most relevant companies in the production of licensed products at Spain. We always are searching for innovative items; we have been recognized for the special value of our different and unique items. We are specialist in manufacturing of: Backpacks, stationery and …