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New Snoopy catalog: Originality and style through a classic brand

Snoopy – Peanuts is a brand that has been present in the license market for several decades and it has managed to renew itself without losing its cheerful essence.

We have developed several products that maintain the character of this property, while combining design and utility, becoming ideal items for gifts and decoration.

Snoopy steel bottles have a hermetic seal and 550 ml of capacity, they are perfect for playing sports or taking them to the office, while the ceramic mugs are decorated with an original figure of Woodstock inside.

Pencil cases and notebooks are available in three different designs that stand out because their color and originality.

And if you are looking for a comfortable and witty gift, Snoopy cushions are perfect for everyone!

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Dungeons & Dragons : New collection

Dungeons & Dragons : New collection On March 31st, the new Dungeons & Dragons movie: Honor among thieves was released, unfolding a story inspired by the role-playing game, which transports us to a world of fantasy and action through the screen. Thanks to this new film, Dungeons and Dragons has become relevant again, gaining an …

Personalised water bottles: Real Madrid and Snoopy

We work to offer innovative and original products, which is why we have developed new personalized water bottles for gifts. These personalized thermal bottles are available in two brands: Real Madrid and Snoopy. The Real Madrid water bottles have unique designs, made of steel, you can access them by clicking here. If the fans of …

Summer camps. An unforgettable experience!

Summer camps. An unforgettable experience! During the Summer we have some difficulties to organize the job with children’s holidays, but we can find a lot of activities adapted to different interests of children to offer them a quality entertainment. There are a lot of options; urban camps with various themes as sports, musical, languages, adventure …

April 22nd is Planet Earth Day

    Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, this event reminds society that our planet needs more respect and care. It is essential that all of us contribute to achieve a more sustainable environment and to stop climate change. From CyP Brands we want to launch proposals that encourage the recycling and reuse of …